Touchscreen for my Raspberry Pi

Finally found a use for the latest in a collection of Pi’s – grabbed a 7″ touchscreen for the Pi 3 from Element14 and connected it up in a few minutes.

Here is the rear view with the Pi attached above the LCD controller.

The screen actually behaved and looked better than I thought it would.

The only drawback is the rather cruddy virtual keyboard РI am sure that someone will eventually improve on the UI of the only option that so far I am aware of,  and is referenced on the official site.

Anyhow, the use I have in mind is an RF direction finder.

I recently participated the @sdr_melbourne foxhunt located in the Westgate Park. Most of our targets were in the 433 MHz ISM band and I had built a small portable three element yagi for the DF role. I designed it for maximum back to front ratio, and minimal side lobe radiation, both desirable characteristics for direction finding.

To be continued …


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