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Many of the projects Zendata has been involved with are subject to non-disclosure agreements or even more stringent covenants related to National Security, and hence cannot be discussed on this site. The nature of our projects will no doubt offer some insight as to the diverse nature of the work in which Zendata has been involved.

Aeronautical Research Laboratories
The project involved designing and implementing algorithms to dramatically improve the traditionally poor depth of field of images captured by an electron microscope. The solution involved taking up to 20 scans at different points of focus of a three dimensional object, then writing and implementing algorithms for choosing the areas which were within the field of focus on each scan, and then blending all the focussed areas of the scans together into one optimal scan.

Bureau of Meteorology
This project involved developing and implementing systems designed to locate and predict the location of clear air turbulence systems for the aeronautical industry using data obtained from low earth orbit satellite systems. The project was highly successful in predicting clear air turbulence.

This project involved the design and development of a system to enable the automation of mass spectroscopy identification of materials.

Department of Defense (Australian Signals Directorate)
This project involved the design, development and implementation of a secure, global, intelligence sharing network.

Australian Wool Corporation
This project involved the design, development and implementation of a virtual, switched, private network.

Victorian Casino Authority
The design and development of a database to allow the Victorian Casino Authority to intelligently vet the people and consortiums involved in applying to hold a casino license.

The development and implementation of a system to monitor and provide a quality assurance system to monitor and verify the quality of the fuse production. ICI manufactures fuses for the detonation of complex explosion sequences typically used in the mining industry or in building demolition.

If such fuses don’t function flawlessly, the ramifications can be dangerous and expensive, perhaps involving the closure of large areas of a productive mine, or a tall building falling in the wrong direction. The system developed significantly improved production quality.

Deakin Australia
Deakin Australia is the private enterprise arm of Deakin University, Australia’s largest distance education provider. Graham held the position of Director of Information Technology from late 1995 to early 1997, involving strategic planning and implementation, and the development of a secure, high-speed, statewide intranet over Deakin’s six campuses.

Other Clients

Education Department of Victoria.
Ford Australia Automobile quality control
Gas & Fuel Corporation
General Motors Holden
Holt Public Relations
London School of Economics
McIntosh, Hamson, Hoare & Lovett Stockbrokers
Melbourne College of Printing and Graphic Arts
RMIT School of Design & Printing

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